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When the bus is late in summer

Last weekend I was travelling to small village in the south-west of Slovakia to visit my friend in scout camp. I had to change bus 3 times to get there and somehow I got stucked in town called Zlaté Moravce (Golden Moravian) for 2 hours. Firstly, dissapointed I decided later to walk into streets of this 13, 500 town. Things I discovered surprised me a lot.

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Bus stop number 13 on 13th July is obviously bad news. It pretends to be ready but drivers enjoy their freetime chatting about their kids and smoking. Time slows down.




So I walked into streets and there I discovered this amazing sycamore tree.



And shameless girls carrying themselves proudly, enjoying summertime with ice-cream in a hand.


Old stranger asked me if I´m a tourist. -What are u doing here? he asked me. -Killing my time waiting for bus to come, I repplied. -If you want to kill time, there is folklore event up there.    -I don´t have that much time, I said uncompromisingly.                     And look where I got accidentaly. 🙂                         Kolovrátok folklore group performing under huge willow tree.


Communist party still rocks the town.





Old guy stopped at the time shop.





Would you like to stop here, too?