Perfectly imperfects

Do you feel that you´re imperfect in something you would like to be perfect? Did you use to think that you´re all alone in this?

Nah! Not at all. We all are the same. Open your eyes and  become part of worldwide community of perfectly imperfects.

How? Just record short video where you confess from your own imperfectness. You have two options how to do so:

1. record video of yourself confessing in motherlanguage on your mobile or (web)cam and upload it on Youtube, adding english subtitles or sending me the original text in English.

2. record video directly on Youtube, adding subs or sending me the lyrics in English and then send me the link.

Say whatever you want, admit as much as you feel, give advice to the others if you have some, but don´t forget to say it in your motherlanguage and then send me the english text.

Then just wait and look forward to be displayed.

For example like this.

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