Me & yoga

I´ve started doing yoga circa in 2006. As first, yoga in daily life, laid the foundations of my relationship towards the yoga generally. Thanks to first teachers I´ve learnt that yoga is more than sport, even if for someone is slowly excercise, concentration on breathing or repeating mantras  synonym for boredom.

Yoga is excercise of body & soul and endless search for harmony within opposites.

I´ve been experimenting since with different yogas, continuously excercising, not excercising, teaching ,…

I´ve been teaching students of University Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra or organized Yoga outdoor (in Arboretum in Zvolen).

My wish is to keep on this learning and teaching  in the future.

You can be part of that.

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Joga, meditácia a nepretržité hľadanie dokonalosti.

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