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I´m alive

I was sitting alone. On the bench beyond the lake. With my eyes closed. Listening to the sounds of forest – the birds were spinning above my head, herons were screeching, whistling of raptors kept coming closer and further. Water of lake was hitting the rocks underneath the feet and rustle of leaves reminded me, that air is vivid. I breathe then and now, again and again, going deeper and deeper into the loneliness. Enjoying the moment of freshness and presence.   I´m alive – this is how it feels. Now and then, but it´s real. Not forever, but at this moment so truly intensive.

I´m alive – this happened to be my mantra in past few months. Everytime I´m loosing connection with the present moment (present myself) I turn back to this mantra.

I´m alive.

When you repeat it and listen to the sound of these words, it´s like magic. Something unbelievable that you´re alive now and here. That this is your life. The only life you have. It´s happening now at this certain moment, it´s in every breath you take.

It can be over tomorrow but it really doesn´t mater – you´ re alive now. Complete human being with all the mistakes and imperfections. With all the beauty that lies within.

Live it and enjoy it like that fresh breeze on your face while you´re sitting on the bench beyond the lake.