Me & meditation

How it happened that someone starts with meditation? It can be logical decision or just coincidence, but somehow you have to discover that something like meditation actually exists.

I had the luck that I ran into content of this words very accidently but truly intensive. Thanks to an international organization Peace revolution, originated from Thailand, I started with meditation in 2012. This platform brings together young people from all around the world in order to introduced them meditation as a tool to peace building. You can start doing their self-development program which is completely accesible online and lasts 42 days. Afterward you´re allowed to apply for their fellowships – intensive courses of meditation and peace in Europe, Thailand, but also Latin America, Africa, etc (they´re expanding 🙂 ). This is what I did, first I took part in European fellowship in Lede, Belgium, which was great. It was 5 days intensive training consisting of yoga & meditation practise and theory about mind, body, and philosophical background inspired with thai budhism. Year after I was glad to be part of thai fellowship in Koh Yao Noi. Goal of two weeks training together with people all around the world is to train you to become peace agent, which understands deeper the word “meditation”. You can read more about this experience here.

This is how I ran into meditation, but the journey in your case can be different. You can find a group in your place,  read or watch more about it on internet, also on this blog. It´s becoming more and more common, while more and more people are discovering true positive effect of meditation practise.  And then, after being inspired, keep practising, and let´s be surprised what will happen. 🙂 Enjoy.

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Joga, meditácia a nepretržité hľadanie dokonalosti.

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