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We all are trying to be the best we can. Sometimes we´re comparing ourselves with others and then go frustrated that we´re far away from perfect. Our own conditions set the limits for the things we love. But love is the spark for everything we do and perfection comes with repetition. Faith is the roof for every single action.

Website perfectly imperfect is here for everyone who is interested. As a blog it brings together texts, videos, pictures or music. You can read here about meditation, yoga, my travells and  experiences. It´s a space you can learn about practising yoga & meditation online from videos and texts.

But perfectly imperfect is more than that. It supports everyone on this Globe to do what he/ she likes and to share proudly with others that he/ she is trying to be the best, even when it´s hard sometimes.

On this purpose people can share their stories via sending their short audiovisual confession on why they think they are perfectly imperfect and how they deal with that. Find more about this here

Life is too short to not do things just because we´re think we´re not good enough. Let´s do what we like and see what happens. Perfection lies in imperfectness.

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