In bed with positive news

In days like these, when it´s raining heavily and you´re trying to get out from stupid sickness, you can find it both: as an opportunity and pitty as well.

For me it´s an opportunity after really long time to browse news and get the best out of it. Beside lot of negativity caused by fresh news from Ukraine or Israel, making you feel very insecure in this world, I found also lot of positivity which support my belief that world is getting closer to the bright side.

Young graduates are not just desperate candidates on McDonald´s employees but also very creative in generating job opportunities. Proofs are here in this article as well as in this particulare example of very creative individual. Second article is about a guy who created web page to promote himself and get a job in Silicon valley, which turned out to be successful project. Also it reminds me of this guy who is an inspiration for me in these days – he created lot of projects for his community, including Council of students, news portal or Messages to member of local parliament. And there are lot of such examples which persuade me that young people are worth trusting!

Also reading interviews of Karol Sudor, slovak journalist for SME, it makes me feel there are lot of people in Slovakia that are worth it.

Reading magazine Život I found very positive there are lot of good articles about Africa, finally something, which I was missing a lot before.

Talking about yoga & meditation I discovered lot of positive examples of proffesional web pages (or) talking about benefits of both excercise, which make more & more people trust in these techniques. Finally, people are discovering what used to be invisible for absence of scientific proofs and now chances to improve ourselves will rise. There was even an articles in Forbes about it.

Last but not least positive example of pure human´s happiness and ability to hold the engines of life is here. It´s an article about a girl who went to Peru cos she wanted and felt she had to go and there she found love of her life –  partner which became her husband after one month and love toward the country.

To summarize there are lot of things you can do while dying in bed and there are always options to choose from – positive ones as well as negative.

Now it´s already dark outside, rain stopped and I ´m still in my bed. From here I can hear someone playing panpipe. Amazing!


Have a nice day!

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